A young man who fraudster Amazon has been arrested.

A man who  cheated Rs 50 lakh from online store, Amazon, has been arrested. Shivam Chopra, 21, was arrested for allegedly receiving 166 most branded cellphones online and reported them that he  had recieved  an empty Packet.Each order was ordered from different phone numbers. The Amazon  filed a complaint with the fact that the refunds between April and May last year were fraudulent. The young man from Delhi was awarded with a management degree in the hotel but was out of work. Two mobile orders were issued in March last year.After each report, his payment was refunded. Subsequently, the young man who bought phones from Apple, Samsung and OnePlus for two months got his payment back. The phones will be sold at the online retail center  (OLX) or in the mobile phone market in West Delhi. A total of 19 mobile phones, Rs 12 lakh currency notes and 40 bank pass books were recovered from his house. Sachin Jain, a businessman with 141 SIM cards, was also arrested.

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