‘I have been shot , I love you so much ‘ : Husband Recieves a heart breaking Message from his Wife at Las Vegas

Who doesn’t like to see ‘ I love you’ message from their loved ones? But that’s not in the case of Canadian businessman Lambourne. Because it came from the tip of death.Last week, Lambourne’s wife ,Jane ,was attending music event at the Las Vegas during which the tragedy happened. Jane came with her friend. Jane was shot in the stomach during the enmity to escape. In those moments when she was bathing in blood, she sent a message to her dear one  ‘ I love youI Have Been shot. I love you so much.’ Joseph was working at that time. Jane, who was admitted to the hospital with critical injuries, has survived. “People was running to save their life, I too ran with them . I want to see my family, “said Jodi Ansal, a friend with Jane. The bullet hit the shot. A total of 59 people were killed in the firing.

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