Can we include Mushroom in our diet ?

Mushrooms are comprised with many beneficiary nutrients and if we consumes mushroom in our morning diet, it will helps to reduce appetite. It also prevents you from excessive calorie intake by causing the stomach feeling that it is almost full to eat anything. According to a study published in the Aptitude journal, mushroom is a replacement for meat.The study conducted by MinoSoto researcher , Joan Klaw says that consumption of mushroom in the diet instead of meat will provide you with nutritional content. Meat can also cause obesity and other health diseases if we consume it daily. But no such adverse effect will occur to our body from consuming Mushroom daily in our breakfast . Mushroom also helps to control and maintain body weight. For further research, a survey was done in order to identify basis difference between consuming meat and mushrooms. Those who participated in the study include meat in their diet for ten days. The difference in the satisfaction of eating a white button mushroom (226 grams) and meat (28 grams) is estimated.

Be careful while choosing Mushroom for eating purpose. There are so many variants of Mushrooms available . Some variant of Mushrooms are deadly poison. Only a few Variants are prone to eating purpose . So make sure that you bought it from  an authorized Company or from a trusted Brand.

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