6 useful Tips for Diabetics Patients to maintain their Sugar Level While Sleeping

A regular problem with diabetes patients is decreasing  the level of sugars when fall asleep at night. Sometimes it can not be found in the beginning, as it is between sleeping. This can lead the patient to a critical level like a coma.

Following are some tips to maintain the sugar level :
1. Check out the sugar level before going to bed and lying down. If you have any unusual variation, be careful.
2. Avoid severe physical activity after dusk. It’s best to do more of the day’s work and exercise.
3. Do not eat dinner just before going to bed. This will adversely affect your diabetes. Eat a dessert at least on a low level.
4. KEEP some sweet bread somewhere near your bed  and If you feel dizzy or drowsier at night while sleeping  you can eat it . Eating candy is also good.
5. Consumption of Alcohol at night will increase the risk for diabetes. Do not smoke before going to bed
6. If you have a problem with normal dose of Sugar, consult your doctor.

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